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  1. If Scotland chooses to go independent, it will shed the advantages that come from being part of a relatively large global power (Britain's population: about 64 million. Scotland's population.
  2. ing, shipbuilding and manufacturing in Scotland and other parts of the United Kingdom. This caused in consequence unemployment, social tensions, and poverty, and was perceived to have its height under the government of the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
  3. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland's First Minister said while announcing plans for an independence referendum: With all of our assets and talents, Scotland should be a thriving and driving force within Europe. Instead, we face being forced to the margins - sidelined within the UK that is, itself, increasingly sidelined on the international stage
  4. Why the English should support Scottish independence The irrational tendencies of human beings involves a confusion between sovereignty, property and identity Artillery Ro

The Wallace monument, built to honour Scottish freedom fighter William Wallace The Scottish National Party, whose central aim is independence, won the 2011 Scottish Parliament election by a.. News Politics Scottish independence: 10 reasons why Yes think they can win As Nicola Sturgeon continues to pressure the Westminster Government led by Theresa May, it seems that a second referendum. If Scotland voted for independence, it would probably apply to rejoin the EU. Despite its unique history, it would have to follow the normal path to EU accession, says Anthony Salamone. Scots are not keen on the euro and fisheries would be a flashpoint. While the Scottish government would be well-advised not to seek opt-outs of the kind the UK had, Scotland would have the potential to become a. 10 reasons against Scottish independence Unless Nicola Sturgeon has been conducted the poorest bluff in political history, it seems that Scotland is once again set for a referendum on independence

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Reasons that have been cited in favour of independence include: Democracy and national self-determination: Scotland's population would possess full decision-making power in regard to... Nuclear disarmament: with control over defence and foreign policy, an independent Scotland could demand the. Central to this is Brexit, and what it does to the Scottish independence cause. Referendum voters asked to decide on their nation's destiny rarely look to personal gain or commercial advantage Sturgeon's argument relies heavily on the very area where it is weakest: the Scottish people must have a vote because 50% of them want seismic constitutional change. But 50% don't

In 2014 the central case against independence was that it would jeopardise Scottish prosperity. It was claimed that mortgages, jobs and savings would be endangered and that an independent Scotland.. Why the Scots want independence from the English. The more life in Scotland feels like life in England, the stronger the desire to assert a distinct identity There are many other reason why I want Scottish Independence. It will happen, it may not come as fast as I would like, probably happening in another stage (Maxed Devolution) before we get Independence of Government. Do not get me wrong, I do not dislike the English people. 5 2. Fiona F . Lv 5. 1 decade ago. I want independence so we can all get on better. i think if we provided for ourselves.

Published: Friday 6 Dec 2019 • Author: Jan-Pieter Atsma. One of the most heard reasons why people are thinking about voting NO at Scotland's next Referendum for Independence is that they would like to leave everything as it is. While this may not be the outcome whether we vote Yes or No, may be irrelevant Scottish independence is an urgent matter for some, particularly for nationalists, but is much less so for others, particularly remainers who may otherwise have been lukewarm on independence. This exposes a key faultline in the independence constituency itself: some want independence whatever the cost, the commitment of others to the cause might somewhat rest on the prospect of economic. He suggested the U.K. could lease the naval base from a cash-strapped Scotland struggling to find its economic footing after independence, even if it would be politically unpopular Independence is a vexed question for the Scottish people, especially with so much yet unknown about how the UK will fare in its divorce from the European Union. Many Scots want independence from. Queen Elizabeth II does not want to see Scottish independence because the royals have Scotland in their souls, experts tell Newsweek. The Scottish National Party warned on Sunday they will push.

Nicola Sturgeon handed devastating blow over 2021 Scottish independence vote in new poll TWO-THIRDS of Scots do not want a second Scottish independence referendum next year, according to a poll. Sturgeon's independence dream crushed as Scots 'don't even have money for buses' NICOLA STURGEON's independence dream is unachievable, as Scotland does not even have money to invest in buses, an. Nicola Sturgeon: I want independence for Scotland in 2020 - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. selinc.com/toua. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try. Why Does Scotland Want Independence? - OpEd . February 17, 2012 VOR 1 Comment. By VOR. By Sergei Sayenko. The leaders of the UK and Scotland, David Cameron and Alex Salmond, had their first. To judge by, amongst other things, an article in the Financial Times quoted elsewhere on Quora, some of them want a divorce (and it is a divorce, not independence, Scotland is not a colony of England) for some quite unpleasant reasons, incorporati..

Why does Scotland want independence? Question. I am not against Scottish independence but I am confused about how in a few years Scotland went from wanting to stay in the union to the polls saying Scotland wants independence. 6 1 16. comments. share. save. hide. report. 37% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by . best. level 1. 48 points · 4 days ago. gestures Why has Scottish opinion shifted in favour of breaking-up the UK at a time when the UK Treasury is pumping billions into Scotland's Coronavirus response? In this podcast, The Critic's political editor, Graham Stewart, talks to Kevin Hague, Chairman of These Islands, a cross-party pressure group that seeks to play a prominent role in shaping the debate in favour of maintaining the UK in a. What are their reasons for it? I know people may suggest Braveheart but that film was widely inaccurate. Is it because they hate English people? If that's true then I find that to be pretty upsetting considering that I'm English and the Scots that I met have always been lovely. What do they hope to have for independence

Why are most Scots now in favour of independence

  1. Alternatively, Scotland could hold a second referendum on independence. If the the Scottish government and the EU can find a way to make the former option possible - which probably a) depends.
  2. g to want, independence and then EU entry. Because imposing that sort of austerity on their own nation, when they are obviously in.
  3. Many opinion polls were conducted about Scottish independence before the referendum and then during the campaign. Professor John Curtice stated in January 2012 that polling had shown support for independence at between 32% and 38% of the Scottish population. This had fallen somewhat since the SNP were first elected to become the Scottish Government in 2007
  4. Q: Why does Scotland want to exit from the United Kingdom? A: The question is wrong, the entire nation of Scotland has not expressed a desire to exit from the United Kingdom. Some Scots want it. Some Scots will always want to be independent, they.
  5. Scottish independence is an urgent matter for some, particularly for nationalists, but is much less so for others, particularly remainers who may otherwise have been lukewarm on independence. This exposes a key faultline in the independence constituency itself: some want independence whatever the cost, the commitment of others to the cause might somewhat rest on the prospect of economic.
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Plans to trigger another referendum on independence have been announced by Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon. Why does Nicola Sturgeon want a second independence vote and when could it. Only 44 per cent of them were opposed; 30 per cent said they would support Scottish independence and fully 26 per cent said they did not know. Hardly a full-throated endorsement of the union from south of the Scottish border. Set alongside the sustained uptick in support for independence within Scotland to over the 50 per cent mark, this does not make comfortable Register today to continue. Why does Scotland want another independence referendum ? They already had one in 2014 which voted to remain. I understand that they voted against brexit which i think brexit was a terrible decision and that Boris Johnson has so far been a terrible prime minister Dispatch Scotland Could Leave the United Kingdom Over Brexit—and Green Energy The debate over how to best marshal the country's alternative energy sources may affect a new independence referendum

The idea of a UK-Scotland currency union was shot down by then-Chancellor George Osborne, and by the Bank of England, in the run-up to the 2014 independence vote However, Scotland does not regulate foreign or domestic trade, and the Scottish Parliament is not authorized to do so. Under the terms of the Scotland Act 1998, the Scottish Parliament is able to pass laws on a range of issues known as devolved issues. The United Kingdom Parliament is able to act on reserved issues. Reserved issues include a variety of economic issues: the fiscal, economic. Why does Scotland's independence vote matter to America? The White House says Thursday's poll is an internal matter for Britain, but there are good reasons why the United States is. Hello. I'm South Korean. I'm learning the history of the UK and I wonder. Why does Scotland want Independence from the UK? It means from England. I know Scotland and England have got bad relationship. But they're sharing a lot of parts of Economy. In my opinion, If it would come true, Scotland would be in a serious economy problem Speaking as a Scot who lives in England, I have divided loyalties in this debate. But speaking as an economic commentator, I am amazed at the naivety and short sightedness of the Scottish National.

Nicola Sturgeon attacks sexist questions over why she hasn

Scottish independence: What's going on in Scotland? - BBC New

  1. Amid calls for a new independence referendum, experts tell Newsweek Queen Elizabeth II does not want the break up of the United Kingdom because the royals have Scotland in their souls
  2. ster rule.
  3. If Scotland doesn't want the UK, does the EU want Scotland? Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland will be at the centre of international attention in 2020. Brexit Facts4EU.Org turns the spotlight on Scotland, one day early. In her New Year message today, New Year's Eve 2019, Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland will be at the centre of international attention in 2020. In our final report of 2019.
  4. A majority in Scotland want independence - and all that surprises me is how small the majority is. Posted on August 5 2019. According to Politics Home: A majority of Scots are now in favour of independence and want a second referendum by 2021, according to a new poll. The new study conducted by Lord Ashcroft Polls for PoliticsHome's sister title Holyrood puts support for independence at 46.
  5. News Politics Scottish independence: SNP would create 'Little Britain, not new Scotland' The SNP's plans for independence would create a little Britain, not a new Scotland, it has been claimed
  6. Opinion: Mark Smith: The reason Shetland and Orkney want independence: the Holyrood power grab . By Mark Smith Feature writer. Up Helly Aa in Shetland. 47 comments. Let me just say before we start.
  7. Scottish independence rally 2018. Picture by Azerifactory (CC BY-SA 4.0) Scotland and Northern Ireland are going for it; Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon wants a second independence referendum before 2021, and a new poll suggests Scotland will vote for it if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister. Meanwhile, opinion polling in Ireland suggests that people in the Republic of Ireland and.

The Europe with Independence pair does address the two main real world issues of the day, for they are - in the real world - inextricably linked, as it is only our lack of independence which is threatening to remove our EU membership and our individual citizenship rights. To face that and to engage directly with it is not only an obvious necessity - it is honest politics. To evade/duck. John Rentoul If we want to keep Scotland in the UK, we have to fight for it. Home News. Thousands march to demand Scottish independence . Letters. Racism is a form of tribalism - no wonder it.

Scottish independence: 10 reasons why Yes think they can

  1. Brexit stumbles on towards its Halloween deadline mired, as ever, in uncertainty. But Brexit has certainly already weakened the Union: on Sunday, just ahead of the SNP's annual conference, Nicola Sturgeon said she would ask for a second Scottish independence referendum within weeks
  2. Scottish voters were first asked whether they wanted Scotland to become an independent country in a referendum in September 2014; the result was 55% to 45% against independence. In its manifesto for the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections, the Scottish National Party (SNP) argued that Scotland being taken out of the EU against our will would justify a second vote on independence. Scotland.
  3. If Scottish people really want independence, then Corbyn is the only foreseeable Prime Minister who won't actively prevent independence. Deb O'Nair December 19, 2018 at 23:34. Theresa May treats the opposition, and therefore the house, and therefore the public with contempt when she refuses to answer direct questions and instead engages in ridiculous, inane, juvenile, and banal pre-scripted.
  4. The truth is, we don't really know what Scottish people want, let alone what independence will mean for us. We know that Scotland votes in a different pattern from the rest of Britain: the.
  5. The SNP want to axe Trident but be part of NATO, an alliance that includes nuclear capability as an important element of its strength. They give the impression that axing Trident would end poverty in Scotland, yet Trident is just 6% of defence spending and less than 0.2% of total UK government outgoings. Despite their poor record in running the largely devolved Scottish government, they have.
  6. I don't understand why any sensible Scot would want independence from the UK. This is probably going to prompt angry letters, but of course I am only saying what I think, based on my experiences
  7. But why is Scotland even considering independence? What is at stake here? And what, if anything, does this have to do with Mel Gibson's Oscar-winning epic film Braveheart? Here's what you need to.

Once Scotland changes its name we can offer the name UK for a new Council of the Isles where all nations are crown dependencies and Scotland can have a referendum to see if anyone wants to re-join the UK. Think about it, no need for English votes for English laws, Westminster would lose all the pesky nationalists, no need for long-lasting Brexit negotiations, England gets the independence it. In response to Alex Salmond's bid for independence the people of Scotland have been granted another referendum. But again the people of England have been deprived of a say. Why is this? Are we part of the union or not? Or are the politicians afraid that we would vote the wrong way? And what is the wrong way? What way should we English vote, given that the present arrangement gives two votes to. The SNP will tell Boris Johnson he will need to take legal action if he wants to stop a second Scottish independence vote as it revealed its 'roadmap to a referendum'. The Scottish Government's. Nicola Sturgeon says she wants second independence referendum by 2021. All the latest updates as Scotland's first minister outlines a detailed, substantive plan for a second independence referendum In Alex Salmond's foreword to Scotland's Future, the white paper on independence ahead of the 2014 referendum, the then first minister said the vote would be a rare and precious moment in the.

Nor does the SNP endorse the historic Irish nationalist interpretation of independence, Ourselves Alone. Instead, it takes an extroverted view of the world, with Scotland remaining in the European Union and Edinburgh sharing control of economic activity and immigration with Brussels. There are two main hurdles that the Scottish government must clear in order to achieve its twin goals. The. But there's one issue Biden has so far managed to sidestep - the campaign for Scottish independence. Back in 2014, the then vice president was campaigning in Iowa when a reporter asked him about.

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What would it take for Scotland to rejoin the EU as an

  1. Scotland voted by a margin of 55-45 to remain part of the U.K. in a 2014 independence referendum, a result that was supported by all of Britain's political parties except the SNP and the Greens
  2. If Scotland wanted to become one of these countries, the definition in the EU treaties would have to change. The current definition is 'the non-European countries and territories which have special relations with Denmark, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom'. If Scotland became independent, it's not certain on what terms it could become an EU member. There has never been a.
  3. I am baffled by this people wanted independence yet want to hand power to Brussels. On on the news other day people said when interviewed they wanted to be part of something? As a No voter I'm worried if England votes to leave and Scotland says they want to remain the SNP will be trigger happy to call another referendum. That's why I shall.
  4. Why I want an independent Scotland By Angus The trouble for many Scots — and this gets to the heart of why so many want independence — is that those values rarely seem to guide the.
  5. Scottish politicians want to keep using the pound if they gain independence. But London politicians are not keen on that idea, meaning Scotland could be a country scrambling to find a currency.
  6. It's likely going to be their last shot at independence because it will set a precedent. If they succeed, it may set precedent for Wales or Northern Ireland to vote for independence as well, hence why the areas on Northern Ireland and Wales are in favour of Scottish independence
  7. Scotland could exploit more freely some economic resources, in particular the North Sea oil. Scotland would have more means and freedom to defend its own culture and identity. Some of the cons of the a Scottish independence would entail are: Scotland may be forced to stop using the GBP as its currency. It would be very dangerous to maintain the.

So the choice of an independent Scotland would be far more tax, or far less spending - or, most likely, a mixture of the two. You can argue that this would be a price worth paying for. Scottish Independence: Scotland Minister Alistair Carmichael Warns of Lost Pound on UK Exit R Scotland currently does most of its trade with the rest of the UK: £18bn more than with any. If SNP leadership wants to make a success of independence, it would be well advised to start shaping public opinion on currency options - and stop following it. Scottish dependenc Why does Scotland get preferential treatment? Again, if Scotland went independent, the so called money that has been used to subsidise them would then be redirected back to the rest of the UK. Why do they (Westminster) want to carry a dead horse?! Why oh why is Westminster so determined to keep Scotland that it has used its might through the media and corporations to not let Scotland go. It. Why is Catalonia seeking independence? Catalonia, which is Spain's richest region, has a distinct cultural heritage and language. The push for independence crystallized during the fallout of the.

10 reasons against Scottish independence The Scotsma

An independent Scotland would want to join the EU; but other countries like Spain may raise objections because they fear their own independence movements (e.g. Catalonia in Spain) Also if Scotland wish to join the EU, it is likely to involve joining the Euro. Whearas once, joining the Euro seemed to be very attractive, there is now a great reluctance given the problems faced by peripheral. Independence from the U.K. is the last thing Scotland needs

Did people in Ireland want independence? Some groups in Ireland had long thought the country would be better off having its own government, and wanted independence from the rest of the UK am wondering with a second referendum, how is society in Scotland going to reunite and heal another wound between the yes and the no vote this time round. the impact is still felt widely in Scotland , and the media and the Scottish Government seem not to worry how to fix the problem in our society . Reply. Phil Dewhurst says: December 13, 2019 at 11:43 am If they want independence, well if you.

Why does Scotland's SNP want independence from the UK yet

Why does Alex Salmond want independence from the UK for Scotland? What are the benefits for the ordinary Scottish citizen? Update: Jas B' When you refer to the Scottish people it does sound rather tribal. You haven't mentioned real benefits other to break away from those English on the border. Update 2: Butterscotch, Again, a tribal ring to you argument. In hard times lets look after ourselves. Scotland's economic case for independence is stronger, too. Ahead of the 2014 referendum, Scottish nationalists argued that any decline in revenue after independence could be offset by a. Taking into account the ongoing COVID pandemic, the referendum on Scottish independence should be held within the next term of the Scottish Parliament - and it will be the Scottish Parliament's decision to take. No UK government can deny Scotland's right to choose. The Tories desperately want to spin the once in a generation argument in an attempt to deny Scotland's voice. The report proposes various policies as a path to Scottish independence, and suggests how a separate Scotland could manage its fiscal position. It makes a range of assertions about how a separate Scotland would manage, and has been billed as a new blueprint for independence. As part of that process, a separate Scotland would of course have to take responsibility for the defence and security of. Sturgeon and her cronies - SNP and Scottish Conservatives- want to remain in the EU because of the huge amounts of money Scotland receives from the EU- such as social regeneration money, farmng and land subsidies. Scotland has no hope of independence without it beng floated by the EU. It would sink if it was left to support itself

5 reasons why Scotland must have a choice about its future

Scotland does have its own education system but it effectively had this before devolution. It would be hard now to sustain an argument that devolution has brought on the break-up of the UK. It could be argued that it has strengthened ties as the enmity once felt in Scotland regarding the domination of London has now decreased be degrees but anyway my point was she is acting in her own interests not that of scotland. Your point was that she was not elected as party leader by the people. Name me a UK party leader who is elected to that job by non party members or without paying for a vote. 0. jp761 Guest Posts: 33,417. Forum Member 25/06/16 - 16:20 #56. I'm sure many people realize Nicola actually lost her majority in the. The claim UK government figures make it absolutely clear that Scotland has subsidised the rest of the UK in most of the last 40-year period. Ian Blackford Ian Blackford, the leader of the.

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Ever since 1707, when Scotland joined England and Wales to form Great Britain, Scottish nationalists have wanted to break the union.But pro-independence voices have grown more powerful since the. Sturgeon is becoming increasingly desperate to achieve Scottish independence at any cost. This is why she has betrayed her beliefs by expressing her desire to establish an alliance with a unionist party like Labour to bring down a Tory government and meddle in British affairs, even though her party was founded to take Scotland out of Westminster's politics altogether Scotland's nationalist government wants to ban nuclear weapons on moral grounds within four years of gaining independence. This would force London to relocate the weapons to alternative bases in.

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It's correct that Scotland is very likely to be outside the EU one way or another, although it's not technically impossible for an independent Scotland to remain a member. If Brexit happens and Scotland stays in the UK, there's no issue. Scotland is out. If Brexit happens and Scotland meanwhile votes to leave the UK, things are more complicated. There's no direct precedent for this. FFS explains: estimating the crowds at Scottish independence and anti-Brexit marches. A further option which has been debated among supporters and promoted by some senior figures in the independence movement is the 'plan B' option. This would seek to use a pro-independence majority at the 2021 Holyrood elections as a mandate for independence, and start negotiations with the UK government.

Why support Scottish Independence? - 10 Reasons to support a

The SNP does have to take a stand on democracy and democratisation, and not see these and independence as synonymous with itself and the claims for more powers for the Scottish Parliament. The centralisation of public life has been one of the hallmarks of post-war Scotland, but has gathered apace under devolution, and even more so under the SNP. In the indyref, this tension between the 'let. Why? The history of the upcoming referendum provides an explanation. In 1997 the then-Labour government offered Scots a vote on the creation of a devolved Scottish Parliament. The thinking was. Section 30 of the Scotland Act 1998: What it is and why it is important A second independence referendum for Scotland looks set to be on the cards, but how easy will it be for [

First, those in Scotland who thought that leaving the EU would not make much difference either way to the UK's economy were more inclined to want to stay in the institution. While just 29% of people in England and Wales who were of that opinion voted to Remain, rather more, 43%, did so in Scotland The Scottish Government has proposed holding a second referendum on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom (UK). A referendum on independence was held in September 2014, with 55% voting No to independence. Ahead of that referendum, the Scottish Government stated in its white paper proposing independence that voting Yes was a once in a generation opportunity to follow a different path. Scotland will vote Sept. 18 on whether it wants to break away from the United Kingdom. NPR's Ari Shapiro provides the basics on the likelihood of secession and what it might mean Pro-independence campaigners are losing supporters at a faster rate than they are gaining them, a poll has found.A survey for Progress Scotland, a campaign group fronted by the former SNP deput Official: More English than Scots want independence for Scotland. By Simon Walters for The Mail on Sunday Updated: 12:29 EDT, 15 January 201

For Scottish voters, a key issue in the general election will be independence -- whether they want to stay part of the United Kingdom or break away and become an independent country In Scotland, the big divide is not between Leave or Remain - the nation voted by 62% to stay in the EU - but Yes or No to independence. Scottish independence supporter Carol Mai An Edinburgh and Lothians' perspective on news, sport, what's on, lifestyle and more, from Scotland's capital city paper, the Edinburgh Evening News Europe Scotland wants to avoid Brexit but doesn't know how. Scottish voters overwhelmingly rejected Britain quitting the European Union. As Brexit draws nearer, many are anxious for Scotland to. This also goes some way to explaining why the campaigns for and against Scottish independence are flawed to a degree. The debate is currently based upon perceptions, opinions and data that is several years old so it is no wonder that the issues being discussed are so contentious and spark strong feelings from both sides. Both campaigns are well organised and offer salient points but their.

Scotland (Scots: Scotland, Scottish Gaelic: Alba [ˈal̪ˠapə] ()) is a country that is part of the United Kingdom.Covering the northern third of the island of Great Britain, mainland Scotland has a 96-mile (154 km) border with England to the southeast and is otherwise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, the North Sea to the northeast and the Irish Sea to the south LONDON (AP) — Scotland's leader said Sunday that she intends to hold a legal referendum on independence from the U.K. if she wins Scottish elections scheduled for May. Such a move would put First Minister Nicola Sturgeon on a constitutional collision course with Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who opposes another secession vote. Scotland voted to remain in the U.K. by a margin of 55%. I may sound like a Scottish Nationalist to you, but I voted 'remain' in the Scottish independence referendum, as I wanted Scotland to remain in Europe. AD Baird believes another vote on. Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party and first minister of Scotland. Scotland's fifth leader—and first woman leader—since the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and government in 1999, she led the movement for Scottish independence from the United Kingdom While Scotland wants to have its own military, operating on a budget of about $4.1 billion and with a strength of about 15,000 people plus 5,000 reservists, the U.K. government said that kind of.

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