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UN Comtrade Database Free access to detailed global trade data. UN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables. All data is accessible through API Global Economic Data contains key indicators and broad economic data for over 200 countries, enabling you to analyze changes and perceive opportunities in individual countries, markets and industries The website is loading.. Statistics and databases Labour statistics play an essential role in the efforts of member States to achieve decent work for all and for the ILO's support of these efforts. These statistics are needed for the development and evaluation of policies towards this goal and for assessing progress towards decent work Billion USD (2019 prices and PPP) Created with Highcharts 9.0.1. Japan European Union Germany Other IEA (estimated) 2018 2018 2018 2018 2018 0 2 4 6 8 10 United States

GDP, Gross Domestic Product, Real, Nominal, Deflator, Index, Growth, Chang UNWTO systematically gathers tourism statistics from countries and territories around the world into a vast database that constitutes the most comprehensive statistical information available on the tourism sector. The database, updated regularly, is composed by the following sets of data UNdata is an internet-based data service which brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point (http://data.un.org/) from which users can now search and download a variety of statistical resources of the UN System Euro area international trade in goods surplus €6.3 bn. Euro area: The first estimate for euro area exports of goods to the rest of the world in January 2021 was €163.1 billion, a decrease of 11.4% compared with January 2020 (€184.0 bn). Imports from the rest of the world stood at €156.8 bn, a fall of 14.1% compared with January 2020 (€182.5 bn). As a.. Global car sales by key markets, 2005-2020 - Chart and data by the International Energy Agency

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Data and research on income taxes including OECD tax databases, taxing wages, revenue statistics, tax policy studies., Statistics on tax revenue are the foundation for analysis of tax and customs policies. Comparable and reliable statistics are critical to undertake such analysis and to develop better tax policies. The new Global Revenue Statistics Database is a major progress in providing. Funded in part by the U.S. Department of Education Title VI B grant, globalEDGE delivers a comprehensive research tool for academics, students and businesspeople. Connect with over 47,000 people using the gE Network while tapping into a directory of over 5000 quality resources. globalEDGE provides tools and resources to efficiently research nearly.

The newly established IMF Government Finance Statistics Advisory Committee (GFSAC) promotes the development of high quality government finance statistics (GFS) and related guidance and helps enhance the analytical usefulness of GFS data, including in IMF databases. The GFSAC serves as a forum to exchange experience with the implementation of the Government Finance Statistics Manual. The first GFSAC meeting was held in Washington, D.C. during March 9-10, 2015 Industry Data (Producer Price Index - PPI) Commodity Data including headline FD-ID indexes (Producer Price Index - PPI) Prices - International: Import/Export Price Indexes (International Price Program - IPP) Employment. Database Name Special Notice Top Picks Data Finder One Screen Multi-Screen Tables Text Files; Monthly: Employment, Hours, and Earnings - National (Current Employment. Value of the global fashion industry: 3,000 billion dollars (3 trillion dollars), 2 percent of the world's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Retail value of luxury goods market: 339.4 billion dollar Purchasing Managers Index for January 2021. Industrial Profits Increased by 4.1 Percent in 2020. Market Prices of Important Means of Production in Circulation, January 11-20, 2021. Preliminary Accounting Results of GDP for the Fourth Quarter and the Whole Year of 2020

The database covers not only national accounts main aggregates such as gross domestic product, national income, saving, value added by industry and household and government consumption expenditure and its relationships; but also detailed statistics for institutional sectors (including the rest of the world), comprising the production account, the generation of income account, the allocation of. Every 10 years, it conducts the Population and Housing Census, in which every resident in the United States is counted. The agency also gathers data through more than 100 other surveys of households and businesses every one to five years. You can explore the results of the surveys or find popular quick facts

With Google Analytics' locations report (Audience > Geo > Location), set up segments to examine international traffic by continent, country, region, or city. Take special note of the areas where traffic and conversion rates are highest — these may represent where you've unknowingly gone global already Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS) analyses industry data on many economic indicators using the most recent data from Statistics Canada.CIS looks at industry trends and financial information, such as GDP, Labour Productivity, Manufacturing and Trade data

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  1. A central and user-friendly data portal to access a wide range of WTO statistical indicators on international trade, tariffs, non-tariff measures and other indicators. Bulk download of trade data This facility allows users to download the main trade statistics datasets in their entirety in compressed csv (comma separated values) format. International Trade and Market Access Data interactive.
  2. Directly accessible data for 170 industries from 50 countries and over 1 Mio. facts. This statistic shows the number of full-time Information Resources Inc. (IRi) employees in the United States from 2013 to 2019. In 2019, the Chicago-based market research company employed 3,639 members of staff full time in the United States..
  3. Find, compare and share the latest OECD data: charts, maps, tables and related publication
  4. Global business knowledge portal connecting international business professionals to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities. globalEDGE is a gateway to specialized international business research knowledge on countries, cross-border business transactions, and cross-cultural management
  5. International » International Technical Cooperation Industry Data (Producer Price Index - PPI) Commodity Data including headline FD-ID indexes (Producer Price Index - PPI) Series Report—Already know the Series ID (i.e. PCU1133--1133--, WPU01) for the statistic you want? Use this shortcut to retrieve your data. Discontinued Data Series . One-screen Data Retrieval Tool . Discontinued.

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About the database. The Global Consumption Database is a one-stop source of data on household consumption patterns in developing countries. It is designed to serve a wide range of users—from researchers seeking data for analytical studies to businesses seeking a better understanding of the markets into which they are expanding or those they are already serving The UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) is the official and trusted source of internationally-comparable data on education, science, culture and communication. As the official statistical agency of UNESCO, the UIS produces a wide range of state-of-the-art databases to fuel the policies and investments needed to transform lives and propel the world towards its development goals. The UIS. The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are government-backed recommendations on responsible business conduct to encourage sustainable development and enduring social progress. , Latest statistics for global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows and international mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Analysis, trends and forecasts from the OECD using FDI statistics collected in accordance. Central national statistical services. Nearly every country in the world has set a central public sector unit entirely devoted to the production, harmonisation and dissemination of official statistics that the public sector and the national community need to run, monitor and evaluate their operations and policies. This central statistical organisation does not produce every official statistic. Finden Sie hochwertige Statistiken, Umfragen und Studien aus über 22.500 Quellen auf dem führenden Statistik-Portal in Deutschland

These statistics are generally provided at the 'Section' level of the Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (SIC 2007). Some information is available below this level, eg for individual industries, although this varies between data sources For 66 years, the BP Statistical Review of World Energy has provided high-quality objective and globally consistent data on world energy markets. The review isone of the most widely respected and authoritative publications in the field of energy economics, used for reference by the media, academia, world governments and energy companies. A new edition is published every June. Discover more. Mintel Food & Drink is all our market data, trend tracking and consumer analysis on the food and drink industry, in the hands of our world-class analysts, to give your business the advantage. Read more Mintel Global Consumer. Understand and compare consumers across 35 markets . Read more Mintel GNPD (Global New Products Database) With global coverage of key new products launched, Mintel GNPD. EdStats (Education Statistics) provides data and analysis on a wide range of education topics such as access, quality, learning outcomes, teachers, education expenditures, and education equality. Toggle navigation. Who we are. Leadership, organization, and history. X; The World Bank is a unique global partnership that finances development and aid projects to end poverty and promote prosperity. It presents the most current and accurate global development data available, and includes national, regional and global estimates. [Note: Even though Global Development Finance (GDF) is no longer listed in the WDI database name, all external debt and financial flows data continue to be included in WDI. The GDF publication has been renamed International Debt Statistics (IDS), and has its own.

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  1. Financial and industry analysts, members of the media, the academic community, and those interested in the global semiconductor industry are often looking for reliable and consistent market trend data and statistics. SIA provides this data through the World Semiconductor Trade Statistics (WSTS) database subscription. The data is collected.
  2. setting international standards for labour statistics through the International Conference of Labour Statisticians (ICLS), and; providing technical cooperation, assistance and training in labour statistics. Standard-setting work currently includes: Review of the International Classification of Status in Employment (ICSE-93) Statistics on.
  3. Tourism Statistics Data. UNWTO systematically gathers tourism statistics from countries and territories around the world into a vast database that constitutes the most comprehensive statistical information available on the tourism sector. This database is comprised mostly of over 145 tourism indicators which are updated regularly. You can explore the data available through the UNWTO database.
  4. UN Comtrade Database Free access to detailed global trade data. UN Comtrade is a repository of official international trade statistics and relevant analytical tables
  5. World Oil provides news, oil prices, data, statistics, shale reports and upstream industry trends relating to the exploration, drilling, completion and production of oil and gas, both onshore and.
  6. At the foundation of BEA's industry statistics are the input-output accounts — a guide to the inner workings of the U.S. economy. These detailed tables can help you trace supply chains, see indirect connections between industries, or study an industry's imports and exports. View the Blog Principal Federal Economic Indicators. View. Gross Domestic Product. Q4 2020 (2nd) +4.1%. View. Personal.
  7. This data is collected directly from members using the IRENA Renewable Energy Statistics questionnaire and is also supplemented by desk research where official statistics are not available. R enewable power-generation capacity statistics are released annually in March. Additionally, renewable power generation and renewable energy balances data.

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  1. The marketing world is dynamic and ever-changing — trends, technology, and tactics are never stagnant. That's why it's critical that your business stays up to date with new developments in the industry — after all, the last thing you want is for your business to fall behind while your competitors stay ahead of the curve
  2. International Pizza Day is celebrated on Feb. 9 every year, so let's explore data and statistics to help us understand just how popular this Italian dish has become. Pizza History. When humans first started eating pizza, they would never have imagined that one day we'd get pizzas delivered to our homes via self-driving cars
  3. EU-27, EA-19 Industrial producer prices, total, domestic and non-domestic market, 2005 - 2020, undadjusted data (2015 = 100) Source: Eurostat (sts_inpp_m) , (sts_inppd_m) , and (sts_inppnd_m) This article provides a general overview of the (industrial) producer price index (PPI) , sometimes also called output price index, as it is calculated and used at the level of the European Union (EU) and.
  4. This is our main data entry on plastics, with a particular focus on its pollution of the environment. We have also produced an FAQs on Plastics page which attempts to answer additional common questions on the topic.; A slide-deck summary of global plastics is available here.; The first synthetic plastic — Bakelite — was produced in 1907, marking the beginning of the global plastics industry
  5. Industry statistics If you have a question about your gambling, or the gambling of someone close to you, our FAQs from gambling consumers during lockdown may provide valuable information. Try the new Gambling Commission website we're working on, and give us feedback
  6. istration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 (866) tell-FAA ((866) 835-5322
  7. The Gender Data Portal is the World Bank Group's comprehensive source for the latest sex-disaggregated data and gender statistics covering demography, education, health, economic opportunities, public life and decision-making, and agency. The database is updated four times a year (April, July, September, and December)

The data we compile and produce are disseminated on ILOSTAT through a variety of data tools. They are also widely re-published by other organizations, most notably by the World Bank in the World Development Indicators database. We also analyse trends, which are published in our blog and in statistical briefs Spotlight on Work Statistics Global Telecom Industry Statistics 2020 - CAPEX, Mobile Revenue, Infrastructure Market Share and Regional Subscription Data - ResearchAndMarkets.com March 12, 2020 05:12 AM Eastern Daylight Tim While the global meat industry provides food and a livelihood for billions of people, it also has significant environmental and health consequences for the planet. This indicator is presented for beef and veal, pig, poultry, and sheep. Meat consumption is measured in thousand tonnes of carcass weight (except for poultry expressed as ready to cook weight) and in kilograms of retail weight per. Industry (21% of 2010 global greenhouse gas emissions): Greenhouse gas emissions from industry primarily involve fossil fuels burned on site at facilities for energy. This sector also includes emissions from chemical, metallurgical, and mineral transformation processes not associated with energy consumption and emissions from waste management activities. (Note: Emissions from industrial.

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Structural industry statistics (large sample surveys of industries every 3 to 5 years; agriculture) Itani Magwaba (Chief Director) 012 337 6471 / 6254 082 905 5143 itanim@statssa.gov.za: Tshepo Pekane (Director) 012 310 8191 083 675 8654 tshepop@statssa.gov.za: Population Statistics (Census and Community Survey Insurance industry at-a-glance. U.S. insurance industry net premiums written totaled $1.32 trillion in 2019, with premiums recorded by property/casualty (P/C) insurers accounting for 48 percent, and premiums by life/annuity insurers accounting for 52 percent, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence Press Release India Swimwear Market 2021 With Top Countries Data : Market Size, Industry Trends, Growth Insight, Share, Competitive Analysis, Statistics, Regional, And Global Industry Forecast To 202 Going Global; Technological Innovations; Ecommerce Fashion Industry: Statistics 1. Industry-Wide Data. Cumulative data compiled within The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report paints a bright portrait with worldwide revenue expected to rise from $481.2 billion in 2018 to $712.9 billion by 2022: Data via Statista and accessible in The Fashion and Apparel Industry Report. Driving this growth are. About international banking statistics. Locational statistics. Consolidated statistics. Debt securities. About debt securities statistics. Debt securities statistics. Credit. About credit statistics . Credit to the non-financial sector. Credit-to-GDP gaps. Debt service ratios. External debt (JEDH) Global liquidity. About global liquidity indicators. Global liquidity data. Derivatives. About.

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Minerals Yearbook (Volume III. -- Area Reports: International)Listed below are chapters from the Minerals Yearbook (Volume III. -- Area Reports: International). These annual reviews are designed to provide timely statistical data on mineral commodities in various countries. Each report includes sections on government policies and programs, environmental issues, trade an Tea Consumption & Industry Statistics in 2021. Home > Beverages > Tea Statistics. Home > Beverages > Tea Statistics. It's almost unfair how much tea dominates the market in terms of popularity, revenue, growth, and emerging new specialty categories. But given it's been around since 2700BC, it's not surprising how much tea's popularity has spread around the globe, and how much it has. Data collections. The World Health Organization manages and maintains a wide range of data collections related to global health and well-being as mandated by our Member States. Explore our key health data products and resources from across the organization

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EIU Databases - Collection of databases containing historical, current, and forecast data and research reports on key markets and industries around the globe. 12. International Financial Statistics - Database maintained by the International Monetary Fund, with statistics on balance of payments, external trade, prices, and more for countries around the globe Production data included in the global statistics Data Series were compiled primarily from the from mineral industry publications, and from company reports. This Data Series is presented by commodity in Microsoft® Excel 1 workbooks (XLSX). Each workbook contains several tables according to the different production cycles of the commodities. These tables are accessed through tabs at the. Indices of Industrial Production: Indices of Tertiary Industry Activity: Indices of All Industry Activity: Economic Census: Economic Census for Business Activity: Manufacturing: Preliminary Report on Current Survey of Production: Monthly Report of Current Production Statistics: The Time Series Data on Current Production Statistics International industrial energy prices. 30 June 2016. Updated tables 5.3.1 and 5.7.1. 26 May 2016. Updated data tables 5.4 and 5.8. 31 March 2016. Latest data published. 22 December 2015. Latest.


  1. This data includes both non-r emote and remote GGY. R - Previously published data revised. P - Provisional new data. Please see the Industr y Statistics excel file for more details 4-0.5%. 5/27/2020 Industry GGY 2 1/ 1 Gambling industry GGY by sector for latest period Casino (remote) 22.4% 22.3% Betting (non-remote) 19.7% 14.9% 7.4% Bingo (non-remote) 4.7% Lotteries 4.0% The National Lottery.
  2. The data on water consumption in the world is provided by the United Nations (UN, UNESCO, and FAO, see list of publications below). Worldwide, agriculture accounts for 70% of all water consumption, compared to 20% for industry and 10% for domestic use
  3. Statistics and data about domestic and international road freight activity. Cookies on GOV.UK. We use some essential cookies to make this website work. We'd like to set additional cookies to.
  4. Short term labour force statistics: STLFS: Monthly and quarterly labour force statistics from national household surveys including indicators on employment, unemployment, working time, and monthly earnings: Industrial relations data: IRdata: Trade union membership, collective bargaining and industrial disputes (strikes and lockouts) Working.

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  1. Quarterly data on travel to and from the UK, taken from the International Passenger Survey (IPS). Includes detail on age and sex of travellers, purpose and length of trip, and spending. These data are in a form suitable for small businesses and students. National Statistics designation applies to the data for all periods up to 2019. Designation has been temporarily withdrawn for Quarter 1 (Jan.
  2. Find statistics, consumer survey results and industry studies from over 22,500 sources on over 60,000 topics on the internet's leading statistics database
  3. The World Economic Outlook (WEO) database is created during the biannual WEO exercise, which begins in January and June of each year and results in the April and September/October WEO publication. Selected series from the publication are available in a database format. See also, the World Economic Outlook Reports
  4. Daily data updates are provided for exchange rates, equity markets, and emerging market bond indices. Monthly data coverage (updated daily and populated upon availability) is provided for consumer prices, high-tech market indicators, industrial production and merchandise trade

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Source: the Statistics Canada World Trade Database documentation . SITC: Standard International Trade Classification, Rev 3, 1-5 digit combined; Source: Foreigh Trade Division, US Department of Commerce ; Separately: 1 digit, 2 digit, 3 digit, 4 digit, 5 digit . NACE 1970: European Union Classificatio World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS) software provides access to international merchandise trade, tariff and non-tariff measures (NTM) data. Browse the Country profile section to obtain countries exports, imports and tariff statistics along with relevant development data The Global Energy Statistical Yearbook is a Enerdata's free online interactive data tool. It allows to browse data through intuitive maps and graphs, for a visual analysis of the latest trends in the energy industry. Access to statistics: on production, consumption and trade of oil, gas, coal, power and renewables

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The World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators D atabase on USB key and online contains time series data for the years 1960, 1965, 1970 and annually from 1975 to 2019 for more than 180 telecommunication/ICT statistics covering fixed-telephone networks, mobile-cellular telephone subscriptions, mobile-broadband subscriptions, fixed-broadband subscriptions (total and by speed tiers), international. GADM is the only aviation safety database on a global level, with IATA serving as a custodian trusted by the industry to do this. This presents many benefits and opportunities: Allows airlines to use our benchmarking tool to compare safety performance and issues against global and regional safety trends (FDX) The U.S. and Canada celebrate National Coffee Day on September 29 while the International Coffee day is celebrated by other nations on October 1. To learn more about the drink that has become a ritual for many, we scoured the web and combed through research reports to find the most interesting data around the consumption, spending, and emerging trends of coffee National Agricultural Statistics Service NASS publishes the Census of Aquaculture and statistical reports on processor data, grower production and feed data. Provides data and statistics on the aquaculture industry related to production, farming methods, markets and marketing, sales, farm labor and more

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish New Market Research Report On -In-memory OLAP Database Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth and Forecast 2019 - 2023 Pune, India - January 11, 2019 /MarketersMedia/ — In-memory OLAP Database Market 2019. In-memory OLAP is the method by which analytical data is loaded into memory for live calculations and querying. Because the data is. Participants were asked to submit data according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) guidelines. The Survey of Occupational Injuries, Illnesses, and Fatalities in the Petroleum Industry: Report to Participants is available only to participating companies and is available through the OII database website Research by Global WebIndex that we reference in this article shows that globally, 53.6% of the world's population uses social media. The average daily usage is 2 hours and 25 minutes. We'll keep this post updated during 2021 as the latest statistics are published drawing on our recommended top 10 digital marketing statistics sources

The authoritative source of information on buying overseas property. Compare countries on the basis of rental yields, taxes and investment prospects Influencer Marketing Stats & Facts. The influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth up to $15 billion by 2022, up from as much as $8 billion in 2019, according to Insider Intelligence. Global Aircraft Engines Market Research Report - Industry Statistical Study Of The Forecast Years 2021-2026 | Excelitas Technologies Corp., Nippon Ceramic Co., Ltd, Hamamatsu Photonic K.K. indexmarketsresearch January 30, 2021. 18 . Aircraft Engines Market 2021, by Tools, Services, Business Application, Company Profiles, Trends, Demand and Investment Opportunities to 2026 . Global Aircraft. This volume, released in 2014, is the 'Centenary Edition' because the World Mineral Statistics dataset that underpins this publication is continuous from 1913 to the present day, containing mineral production data by commodity, by country, in each of those years.The dataset also contains import and export data for a large number of the commodities for the majority of the last century Bank Data & Statistics. Use searchable databases to find information on specific banks, their branches, and the industry. Institution Directory Use advanced search criteria to find a bank or bank holding company, generate comprehensive financial or demographic reports, and find bank locations or groups of banks. Central Data Repository (CDR) Obtain Reports of Condition and Income (Call Reports.

Swiss Re collects data on global insured losses resulting from both natural catastrophes and man-made disasters. Besides including man-made disasters, Swiss Re's figures differ from Aon's because Swiss Re uses different collection methods and criteria for classifying events. According to Swiss Re's February 2020 global losse Although federal gun laws prohibit a database of background-check information, the data can still be used to find a gun's owner. Published: Mar 20, 2013 A Republican Edge in N.C Consistent with Section 89 Subsection 3(d) of the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 (NCA 2003), the Commission is mandated to monitor and report on the state of the Nigerian telecommunications industry, provide statistical analyses and identify industry trends with regard to services, tariffs, operators, technology, subscribers, issues of competition and dominance, etc. with a view to. Includes macro data, industry data, international trade data, individual data, demographic and vital statistics, patent data, and more. Our World in Data (OWID) Covers a wide range of topics across disciplines: Trends in health, food provision, the growth and distribution of incomes, violence, rights, wars, culture, energy use, education, and environmental changes are empirically analysed and. The International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce, manages this global trade site to provide access to ITA information on promoting trade and investment, strengthening the competitiveness of U.S. industry, and ensuring fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements. External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or.

Back to: Data & Reports Overview | Data Reports | Historical Data & Reports Vessels Fleet lists. U.S.-Flag Privately-Owned Fleet (As of February 15, 2020) | Excel | PDF Consolidated In and Out List (As of February 15, 2020) | PDF U.S.-Flag Integrated and Articulated Tug-Barge Units (ITB/ATB) (2017) | Excel Merchant Fleets of the World Report for 2016 | PD The Industrial Production Index (IPI) contracted 2.2 per cent in December 2020 as compared to the same month of the previous year. For more info www.dosm.gov.my. Balance of Trade. 20.7 (RM billion) External Trade, Dec 20. External Trade, Dec 20 . Malaysia's total exports recorded the highest monthly export value of RM95.7 billion, an increase of 10.8 per cent as compared with December 2019.

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Direction of Trade Statistics The world's largest recorded music markets are listed annually by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The ranking is based on retail value (rather than units) each market generates respectively per year; retail value generated by each market varies from year to year. As all financial data is given in US dollars annual rates of change for all countries other than.

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Tactile Sensor Market Report 2020 Global Industry Statistics & Regional Outlook to 2027 : Synaptics Incorporated, Tekscan Inc., Tacterion GmbH, Etc The Data and Statistics pages provide analyzable data files and summary statistics for the U.S. mining industry. The information presented here is generated using employment, accident, and injury data collected by the Mine Safety and Health Administration ( MSHA ) under CFR 30 Part 50 , among other sources, and prepared by the NIOSH Mining Program following a standard statistical methodology Total global healthcare expenditure represent around 10% of world GDP; Government portion of healthcare expenditure is around 60%; Quellen und Infos: Global Health Expenditure Database - World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Statistics - World Health Organization (WHO) World Economic Outlook (WEO) - International Monetary Fund (IMF Annual Data. Statistical Database. Monthly Data; Quarterly Data; Annual Data; Census Dat Data & Statistics Emergency Preparedness Injury, Violence & Safety Environmental Health Workplace Safety & Health Global Health State, Tribal, Local & Territorial Disease or Condition of the Week Vital Signs Publications Social & Digital Tools Mobile Apps CDC-TV CDC Feature Articles CDC Jobs Podcast

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Covid-19 Impact On Nasal Drug Delivery Market 2020, Global Industry Share, Size, Opportunity, Manufacturers, Growth Factors, Statistics Data, Trends, Competitive Landscape And Regional Forecast To. Statistics are also compiled under the Standard International Trade Classification (SITC), North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), End-Use Commodity Classifications, Advanced Technology Products, and American Iron and Steel Product Groups (AISP). The statistics include data about all 240 U.S. trading partners, 400 U.S. ports, and 45 districts. FREQUENCY. Data are continuously. About Global Cement. Global Cement brings you essential news, events, research and market data on the global cement industry. Global Cement covers all aspects of the cement industry: mining and quarrying, refractories, process optimisation, monitoring, alternative fuels, environment and safety, markets, country reviews, cement prices, trading and shipping and a full review of global cement news The numbers in WATS are submitted directly to IATA by approximately 270 international airlines, and include data that is exclusive to IATA. The reports by our world-renowned industry experts provide privileged insight to those statistics, based on unparalleled inside knowledge

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Statistical Sources for the U.S. and International Automotive Industry. Automotive Monthly Sales Review. Eddystone, PA: WEFA Group, latest edition received. Monthly. LC Call Number: HD9710. U5 W45 LC Catalog Record: 90657293. Provided U.S. and Canadian sales forecasts for passenger cars and light trucks. Included a segment sales analysis of automobiles based on data provided by the publication. The American Chemistry Council's Plastics Industry Producers Statistics Group (PIPS) provides relevant, timely, comprehensive and extensive business statistics on the plastic resins industry. Available for subscription on an annual basis, these statistical reports contain production and detailed sales by end use information, and capacity and inventory measures for major plastic resins. With. IHS Maritime World Shipbuilding Statistics is produced quarterly and summarizes shipbuilding activity for all self-propelled, sea-going merchant ships of 100 GT or above. Customer Logins Obtain the data you need to make the most informed decisions by accessing our extensive portfolio of information, analytics, and expertise The data on international trade concerning 2019 became significantly revised in the national accounts data released on 26 February 2021. The updated data were calculated in national accounts based on enterprises' financial statements for 2019 and breakdowns of profit and loss accounts. Processing of mutual fund dividends from abroad is developed. 25.2.2021. Statistics Finland and Eurostat are.

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NASA's Global Climate Change website hosts an extensive collection of global warming resources for media, educators, weathercasters and public speakers. Browse by topic and by media type, including videos, social media shareables, infographics, quizzes and interactives. browse resource Global trade - The World Trade Organization (WTO) deals with the global rules of trade between nations. Its main function is to ensure that global trade flows smoothly, predictably and freely as possible Dec 02, 2020 (The Expresswire) -- Global Virtual Data Room (VDR) Market(2020-2025) status and position of worldwide and key regions, with perspectives of.. The U.S. Bioenergy Statistics are a source of information on biofuels intended to present a picture of the renewable energy industry and its relationship to agriculture. Where appropriate, data are presented in both a calendar year and the relevant marketing year timeframe to increase utility to feedstock-oriented users. The statistics highlight the factors that influence the demand for.

Largest Countries by Population Size: Pie Chart - knoemaDistrict wise population in India (2011 Census) - knoemaHuman Development Index - knoemaUS Population by Age and Generation in 2020 - knoema
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